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Fly Terminator And Fly Attractant

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Fly Terminator
SKU # 25676

Fly Terminator
Attractant refill 4 oz.
SKU # 25676A

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A safe, effective way to attract and kill flies without poison bait or electronic devices. Safe for use around children, pets, and livestock. Three feeding attractants and a fly sex pheromone lure flies to the trap, where they cannot escape. The Terminator is packaged with a 4 oz. bottle of attractant. Just fill the break-resistant bottle 1/3 full of water and add 1 oz. of attractant.

Directions for Use


Instructions For Use
NOTE: FLY TERMINATOR® PRO is not recommended for indoor use. Bait trap outdoors, as attractant has a pungent odor. Wearing plastic gloves when baiting trap is recommended.
1) Hold attractant tube with tip at top, carefully twist off tip and squirt attractant
2) Fill the jug half full with clean water and agitate lightly to disperse attractant.
3) Screw top tightly onto jug. Be sure center baffle assembly is snapped into the open position as shown on the label.
4) Place trap on the ground in a sunlit area of high fly concentration. Traps may also be hung from the handle or from the tab on top of jug.

1) For maximum effectiveness, trap should be within four feet of the ground.
2) In hot weather (highs above 90degF), trap works better in the shade. In cooler weather, place trap in a sunny location.
3) Add water to the trap as necessary to maintain the fluid level (half full). Do not allow trap to dry out.
4) Trap contents should be agitated occasionally to thoroughly wet trapped flies.
5) Empty trap when 1/3 or more full of flies. Dispose of flies by placing trap contents in a non-airtight plastic bag and dispose of properly.
6) Rinse out trap and rebait following the steps above using one 30ml tube or two 15ml tubes of attractant or one ounce of Farnam's Fly Trap Attractant or Terminator® Fly Attractant.

1) Use traps in several locations. A good trapping program should supplement proper manure management.
2) In breezy areas the trap will work best when placed two or three feet off the ground.
3) Dead flies make an excellent natural fertilizer. For best results, bury trap contents at least six inches deep.
4) Do not seal trap contents in an airtight container (e.g.: glass or plastic jar) as continued decomposition may cause an explosion.

Attractant refills available from Farnam:
2 - 15ml Fly Trap Attractant tubes (item number 14690)
4 oz. bottle Fly Trap Attractant (item number 57102)
16 oz. bottle Terminator® Fly Attractant (item number 3002729)

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