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Program Oral Suspension For Cats

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Program Oral Suspension is a monthly preventative that controls fleas in cats by inhibiting/preventing the development of flea eggs, but which does not kill adult fleas. Liquid Program is 100% safe and effective in preventing and controlling flea populations and is usable with other flea preventatives. For a complete flea management program, most customers also purchase Capstar Flea Treatment Tablets (sold separately) to kill adult fleas.

Product Type

PROGRAM SUS is an oral suspension for flea control in cats

Description and Composition

Program Oral suspension contains 0.07 g of lufenuron per ml.

PROGRAM oral suspension is available as:

PROGRAM 133mg SUS, an oral suspension in an ampoule containing 19 ml, corresponding to 133 mg of lufenuron.

PROGRAM 266mg SUS, an oral suspension in an ampoule containing 38 ml, corresponding to 266 mg of lufenuron.


Lufenuron, the active ingredient of PROGRAM, is an insect development inhibitor (IDI) belonging to the group of benzoyl-phenyl-ureas (BPUs). Like all BPU's, lufenuron acts as a chitin synthesis inhibitor. Female fleas feeding on treated animals will produce eggs out of which no larvae will hatch. The interruption of the flea life cycle results in a long-term, very effective flea control on the animal as well as in the environment


Program SUS is an oral suspension for cats for the prevention and control of flea infestations.

Dosage and Administration

PROGRAM SUS is given orally at the minimum dose of 30mg lufenuron per kg body weight according to the following table:

Weight of cat

Less than 4.5 kg
1 ampoule of PROGRAM 133mg

>4.5 to9 kg
1 ampoule of PROGRAM 266mg

Cats over 9 kg are given an appropriate combination of ampoules.

PROGRAM SUS should be given orally once per month.

Treatment of existing infestations can begin at any time. In cases of severe infestations the use of an adulticide during the first few weeks of the treatment may be necessary.

PROGRAM SUS is best used in a prophylactic way. In this case treatment should start in spring, before the beginning of the flea season, and repeated monthly throughout the flea season. PROGRAM can be given year round.

All cats and dogs in a household must be treated in order to prevent the build up of developing fleas in the environment, thus establishing an infestation. For dogs use PROGRAM tablets.

PROGRAM SUS must be administered with a meal. It can be given with a small quantity of food before the rest of the meal is given, or per os immediately after feeding.

Special Precautions and Warnings


Formulations and Packages

Two ampoule sizes are available in boxes with 6 ampoules in an aluminum foil pouch.

PROGRAM ampoule containing 133 mg lufenuron.

PROGRAM ampoule containing 266 mg lufenuron.

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