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Solvit Booster Seats

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Tagalong Booster Seat
SKU # 06829

Tagalong Booster Seat
SKU # 06829A

Tagalong Booster Seat
Extra Large
SKU # 06829B

Tagalong Booster Seat
SKU # 06829C

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This design supports the seat from below, providing an unobstructed view and more comfortable ride for pets. No clumsy straps to get in their way. Installs securely in one minute and even works in the back seat! Each has a removable, washable liner so they stay clean and fresh. Safety leash included.


To Install: The carton should contain the rectangular seat section, one removable fabric liner, one long adjustable headrest strap, one short adjustable safety leash, and one black metal support bracket.

Step 1: Insert the metal support bracket into the seat section so the two arms of the bracket face forward and the back section aligns with the lower back inside edge of the seat (the edge with the D-ring installed). Insert each end of the bracket arms into one of the rubber tubes located at the top left and right corners of the seat

Step 2: Position the fabric liner so the small hole in the lower inside seam aligns over the D-ring sewn in the interior bottom of the seat. Pull the D-ring through the small hole and attach the leash strap. Next, pull the D-rings on the upper back edge of the seat through the small holes near the top of the liner. Wrap the liner over the upper edges of the seat so the hook-and-loop pieces on the liner match up with the pieces sewn into the seat. The liner can be removed for washing as needed.

Step 3: To install the booster seat, attach the long adjustable strap to the D-rings at the upper back edge of the booster and place this strap around the headrest of your car's seat. Adjust this strap to obtain the preferred position of the booster. Next, fasten the strap sewn into the lower edge of the booster around the back of your car's seat and tighten. When installing on a bench seat (such as in the back row), the lower strap will not be used; to keep the strap out of the way, engage your car's seat belt, wrap the lower strap around the lap portion of the seat belt, and snap the ends together.

To Clean: Promptly wipe up any foreign matter or standing liquid with a damp cloth or sponge. Machine wash the fabric liner in cold water with mild detergent and line dry.

WARNING: Before traveling, make sure the leash is adjusted short enough to keep your dog from jumping out of the basket. An improperly adjusted leash creates an unsafe condition. A harness is recommended rather than a collar for safely securing your dog. The Pet Booster Seat is not intended as a safety device. Remove your dog before making adjustments to the seat or straps. Never leave pets unattended in the booster seat.

Tip: Clean up messes with damp sponge or cloth.

Solvit Pet Booster Seat 
Size Weight Dimensions 
Medium Pets up to 12 lbs
14" x 12" x 8" 
Large Pets up to 18 lbs 16" x 14" x 8" 
Extra Large Pets up to 25 lbs 20" x 15" x 10" 


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