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Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennels

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The new 2 Door Top Load Kennels are the ultimate in easy access for your pet. Durable top & front loading doors makes loading and unloading your pet twice as easy!

Cautions: Petmate® kennels are engineered to hold pets safely and securely under normal use for many years of service. Used properly, Petmate® kennels are an invaluable tool for training and safe travel. Please observe the following cautions and guidelines:•Improper use of this kennel may result in serious injury or even the death of your pet.
•Before traveling with your pet, please consult your airline for their individual requirements

Proper sizing: Your pet should be able to stand up, turn around, and lie-down comfortably in his/her kennel.

Read and follow all instructions accompanying this kennel before using it.
•This kennel is not designed to restrain dangerous animals or dangerous breeds of dogs.
•To help avoid choking and other serious injuries, remove all collars, harnesses and other items, such as pet clothing, before placing the pet in the kennel.
•Pets should not be left unattended in the kennel until and unless you are certain that the pet will respond properly to being left in the kennel.
•Among other things, a pet not specifically trained to be contained in the kennel may attempt to escape, dig and/or chew out of the kennel, causing serious harm or death to the pet.
•Consult your veterinarian or trainer to determine an appropriate training method and length of time your pet can be safely left in the kennel.
•Do not place any other items, such as toys, in the kennel with your pet unless your veterinarian or trainer advises you that it is safe to do so.
•Do not place more than one pet in the kennel at a time.
•Petmate® is not responsible for any loss caused by improper use of this product or for use of this kennel by a pet that has not been properly trained.
•Do not use Petmate® kennels in place of outdoor runs or long term holding cages. Young animals should be allowed out of their kennel well before the limits of their bladder and bowel control will tolerate. Many adult animals will tolerate kenneling during a normal workday, but a midday visit for airing and socializing with the animal is strongly encouraged.
•Do not allow children to play in, on or around the kennel. Keep kennel door closed around children to eliminate the hazard of protruding hinge and latch pins.
•Periodically inspect the plastic shell for cracks, especially after exposing the kennel to severe shocks, changes in temperature or other harsh or challenging conditions.
•Never stack kennels with animals inside. Check and tighten latches and screws periodically, especially before moving your animal in the kennel.
•Discourage aggressive behavior in the kennel. Biting, chewing, licking ramming or pawing either at the plastic shell or metal wire parts may result in injury to the pet or damage to the kennel. These are excluded under the product's warranty.
•Exercise caution when closing and opening the kennel door to avoid catching pet's paws, tail or snout in mechanism.
•Avoid heat injury or death: never leave pets in a closed car on a hot day or in direct sun. Car windows have a greenhouse effect, temperatures can rise to well over 100 degrees inside a closed car within minutes! Similarly, never leave a pet unattended in its kennel in direct sunlight.
•The kennel should be cleaned routinely for the hygiene of the pet.
 Limited One-Year Warranty: Warranted one year from date of retail purchase against defects in material and workmanship. Solely for the benefit of the original consumer purchaser (retain your dated sales receipt as proof of purchase). Covered: Replacement of defective parts and labor, and product return to consumer. Not Covered: Damages caused by abuse or failure to perform normal maintenance. Any other expense. This Warranty shall not apply to any defect, malfunction, or failure to conform with the Warranty provisions if caused by damage (not resulting from defect or malfunction) due to unreasonable use by the purchaser. This includes Consequential damages, incidental damages or incidental expenses, including damage to property. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This Warranty gives you specific legal rights which may vary from state to state. Qualification for Warranty Performance: Return product with proof of purchase and narrative description of the defect together with your name and address, freight prepaid, to: Doskocil Manufacturing Company, Inc., Warranty Division, 4209 Barnett Blvd, Arlington, Texas USA 76017. This product will be repaired or replaced at Doskocil's option and will be returned to you, postage prepaid, as soon as practicable, but in no event later than 45 days after received by Doskocil. Request for Warranty Action: Please direct all requests for action on this Warranty or any other product inquiries to Doskocil Manufacturing Company, Inc., Warranty Division, PO Box 1246, Arlington, Texas USA 76004-1246.

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