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Safari Shed Magic

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Safari Shed Magic
Large 3.25” blade
SKU # 05804B

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The name of this grooming tool says it all! Try it one time and you will love this tool. It removes the loose undercoat, which can be so thick in some breeds. Works great on all hair textures and lengths. The angled blade and ergonomic 6” handle provide comfort while in use. With a stainless steel edge and tiny tines to comb loose hair and undercoat from your pet’s topcoat. Regular use brings out natural oils, keeping your pet’s coat glossy, and in reducing shedding and allergens as well.

Directions for Grooming

Choose an area, inside or outside, that is easy to sweep or vacuum. Begin by inspecting your pet for sore spots, cuts, irritations, abrasions, or sensitive areas. Do not use the de-shedding tool on these spots.

For dogs, do a light grooming to detangle and remove loose hair. Then shampoo and dry your pet's coat thoroughly.

When de-shedding your pet, start from the head and move down the body. Comb with the hair direction. Do not use on or around sensitive areas like ears, paws, legs, or genitals.

1.Stand at your pet's side and position your hand firmly on his back, near the head.
2.Hold the de-shedding tool in the palm of your hand and angle the blade toward the coat.
3.Comb slowly and gently away from your positioning hand, using long, smooth strokes, and moving in the direction of hair growth. Do not use repeated strokes in the same area.
4.Do not press too hard as you comb. Rough combing can lead to skin irritation and discomfort.
5.If your pet has an undercoat, first comb thoroughly from the head to the tail to remove the top layer of hair. Then, using your positioning hand, push back to the top layer of hair and comb again slowly, in the direction of hair growth, from head to tail. Use extra caution as you comb through this under layer of hair that is close to the skin.
6.If you notice burns or other irritations on your pet's coat or skin, immediately stop using the de-shedding tool.
7.When finished, store the de-shedding tool in a safe place, out of the reach of children.

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