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Digestive Tract Conditioner

Kittens and Cats 16 oz.

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Digestive Tract Conditioner
Kittens and Cats 16 oz.
SKU # 25310A


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Pet Authority Daily Digestive Supplement contains a delicious  blend of Cranberry and Papaya (organically grown) fruit juices and billions of friendly micro organisms (Acidophilus). It also provides Vitamins C & E (Antioxidants). Taurine (Amino Acid), and contains a source of the digestive enzyme Papain (Papaya Enzyme which can hydrolyze proteins). Dosage: Mix with moist food or pour over dried food. Can be spooned directly into mouth or added to water. Kittens and small cats (up to 10 lbs.) 2 teaspoons per meal. Adult cats (11 lbs. and up) 4 teaspoons per meal.

Pet Authority Inc.™ Cranberry & Papaya Digestive Supplement contains select, viable Lactobacillus acidophilus cultures ( the healthy culture found in yogurt ) maturing in a flavor enhanced, dairy-free natural medium of Organically Grown Papaya & Cranberry and Yucca Schidigera, that is specificially formulated for Puppies and Senior Dogs.

Beneficial bacteria, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus is called probiotic - A Friendly Bacteria. Pet Authority Inc.™ Cranberry & Papaya Digestive Supplement formula will provide your Dog & Puppy with Anti-Oxidant Vitamins, and Fortify with Taurine, Natural Juices & Yucca, That provides the combination of natural ingredients that has been used as a dietay supplement to help maintain the overall quality of life for your Dog & Puppy.

Pet Authority Inc.™ Cranberry & Papaya Digestive Supplement is a Fast-Acting Fomula that can Help Improve Digestion, Treat Diarrhea and Dehydration, Eliminate Smelly Stools and Foul Gas, Prevent Urinary Tract Infections, Reduce the Bacteria that form Plaque, which can cause Gum Disease and Bad Breath, Prevent Development of Early Heart Disease, Relieve Muscle and Arthritic Pain, Prevent Shedding and Scratching caused by stress from digestive imbalance.

The product is Veterinarian Recommended for Dogs & Puppies. Pet Authority Inc.™ understands your need of providing your pets the best they can get!

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