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FlyRelief Trap

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FlyRelief Trap
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Recommended for perimeter use, FlyRelief™ trap catches thousands of flies. Insecticide-free, FlyRelief™ trap disposable fly traps come with built-in attractant and are excellent for use around pets, in the yard, kennel and garbage. 

1. While tightly pinching base of attractant tube's spout with thumb and forefinger, cut or tear off tip of spout. (See Diagram A)
2. While holding the trap upside down, squeeze entire Attractant tube contents into trap and then place empty tube into the trap. (See Diagram B)
3. While still holding the trap upside down, pour in 16 fluid ounces of clean water. (Fill to fill line.) (See Diagram B)
4. Agitate lightly, per Diagram C, to disperse Attractant, and then slowly turn the trap right side up.
5. Place the trap outside, either hanging or on the ground, in a sunlit area of high fly concentration where flies are active and wherever odors will not be a problem. When placing the trap on the ground, be sure that at least 1/4 inch of space is available between the trap body and the ground to permit flies to enter trap. If the trap must be placed on soft or sandy ground, place the trap on a piece of paper or cardboard to keep it from sinking in and hindering fly access to the trap. Do not place the trap within reach of livestock. If high winds or animals are a problem, trap may be hung by the hole in the tab above the pinch handle (a piece of baling twine works well for this). However, for maximum effectiveness, the trap should be within four feet of the ground. In hot weather (above 85degF) the trap should be placed in a shaded area for optimal results. In cooler weather, place the trap in a sunny location. NOTE: This trap is not recommended for indoor use, or for use against biting flies.

1. The trap contents should be agitated at least twice weekly to thoroughly wet all trapped flies.
2. Add water as necessary to keep the fluid level 1/2 inch below the surface of trapped flies. Do not allow the trap to dry out.
3. Without adequate agitation, fly larvae (maggots) may appear as a layer of dry dead flies accumulates in the trap. If this should occur, add one teaspoon of liquid dish soap and enough water to wet all flies thoroughly. Maggots will drown in soapy water.

1. In areas having exceptionally hard water, using distilled or purified water may improve trap performance.
2. In areas of heavy fly populations use several traps in different locations.
3. Never seal dead flies in a closed container. Doing so may result in a hazardous explosion. 

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