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Equi Aid SW

25 lb. bucket

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Equi Aid SW
25 lb. bucket
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Pyrantel Tartrate 1.06%
A medicated pellet for daily feeding to control large and small strongyles, pinworms and ascarids in horses. Administer for the entire period that the animal is at risk to internal parasites. Mares may be given Equi Aid SW at any stage of pregnancy or lactation. Stallion fertility is not effected. Dosage: Administer as a top dress on horses daily ration 1 ounce per 250 lbs. of body weight.

.) How do Equi Aid CW® and SW work?
The active ingredient in Equi Aid CW® and SW is pyrantel tartrate, which works on the neuro muscular system of parasites, paralyzing them and moving them harmlessly out of the horse's system. Because they are fed on a daily basis, parasites are removed as they enter the horse's intestine. Consequently, horses fed Equi Aid CW® or SW can live nearly worm free. Equi Aid CW® and SW are made using only high quality feed ingredients that are pelleted for easy feeding.

2.) What type of worms will Equi Aid CW® and SW kill?
They kill Large Strongyles (adults), Small Strongyles (adult and fourth stage larvae), Pinworms and Ascarids (adults and fourth stage larvae).

3.) What size containers do Equi Aid CW® and SW come in?
Equi Aid CW® comes in a convenient 10 lb. container that will last a 1,000 lb. horse approximately 80 days, and an economical 50 lb. which will last the same horse 400 days. Equi Aid SW is available in 25 lb. containers which will last a 1,000 lb. horse 100 days.

4.) How often do I feed Equi Aid CW® or SW to my horse and how much do I feed?
Horses should be fed 1 oz. of Equi Aid CW® for every 500 pounds of body weight every day for as long as the animal is at risk to internal parasites. SW is fed daily at a rate of 2 oz. per 500 lbs. of body weight.

5.) What are the advantages of daily dewormers?
Parasite infestations never have a chance to get established because larvae are killed prior to their migration, thus eliminating the tremendous amount of internal damage done during this portion of the parasitic cycle. On the other hand, most purge wormers simply clean out worms for a relatively short period and do not prevent larval migration. Thus the cycle of infestation is only interrupted and not prevented.

6.) Clinically, how do Equi Aid CW® and SW compare with Strongid® C and C2X™?
Equi Aid CW® and SW contain the same active ingredient as Strongid® C (pyrantel tartrate) and C2X™.

7.) Do I begin a daily worming program by simply feeding the product, or is there a special way to begin?
To begin a daily worming program, migrating arterial stages of blood worms should be removed. Before administering Equi Aid CW® or SW, a therapeutic dose of a broad spectrum larvacidal product, such as ivermectin, should be given. Equi Aid dewormers can then be administered on a daily basis.

8.) If my horse has been on Strongid® C, can I immediately switch to CW®?
Yes, Equi Aid CW® and SW contain the same active ingredient as Strongid® C and C2X™.

9.) At what age can I begin feeding Equi Aid daily dewormers to my foals?
Foals may be fed Equi Aid daily dewormers at such time when consistent intake of grain mix is occurring. This is generally between two and three months of age.

10.) Can Equi Aid CW® and SW be used for mares in foal and during what periods of gestation can they be fed?
Yes, Equi Aid CW® or SW have a wide margin of safety for mares in foal and can be fed through all stages of gestation and lactation.

11.) Are CW® and SW okay for breeding stallions?
Yes, both are approved for breeding stallions.

12.) How do these products impact my horse and its environment?
Pyrantel tartrate has been tested and found to have a wide margin of safety. Small dosages indicate that pyrantel tartrate is safe for your horse. After the product is passed through the horse's system, it breaks down in sunlight, therefore minimizing any impact on the environment.

13.) If Equi Aid CW® and SW eliminate the parasite problem, is the manure no longer contaminated with worm eggs, and if so, does this make the spreading of manure a safer means of disposal?
Because these products eliminate the worm problem, manure from treated horses can be safely spread over pastures and corrals. Pyrantel tartrate breaks down when exposed to sunlight, rendering it harmless to insects that break down manure. Equi Aid dewormers are safe for the environment as a whole.

14.) If a horse is on a daily wormer for an extended period of time, do the worms build up an immunity to the product?
Unlike the benzimidazole family of dewormers (which have shown a resistance problem), pyrantel based dewormers have been used in horses since the mid-1970's without worms developing a resistance to them. Pyrantel-based dewormers use neuromuscular paralysis for parasite control, while benzimidazoles cause disturbances in energy metabolism. This difference is most likely why pyrantel resistance has not emerged and is not likely to become a problem in the future.

15.) What if I feed my horse too much?
Although Equi Aid CW® and SW have been tested with yearling horses at very high doses without causing any harm, careful handling of all feed supplements is important.


Strongid and C2X are trademarks of Pfizer

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