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Equi-Aid Plus

5 lbs.

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Equi-Aid Plus
5 lbs.
SKU # 48289


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A balanced, fortified vitamin and mineral supplement for horses. Equ-Aid has Selenium and vitamin E to help prevent tying-up syndrome. Lysine to improve growth of foals on low-protein diets. Biotin and methionine, which are essential for hoof formation. Zinc, to aid in healthy skin and proper enzyme balance. It provides a high level of essential unsaturated fatty acids and has exceptional palatability. Dosage: feed 2 ounces (one heaping measure) per day to colts and adult horses. Ponies and very small breeds should receive proportional amounts. A 1/3 cup measure is enclosed.


Guaranteed Analysis: (All values are minimum quantities unless otherwise stated.)
  Equ-Aid Plus    NAS/NRC*
  Per 2 ounces  Per Pound  Requirements
DL-methionine 1,000mg 1.80% NE
L-lysine monohydrate 1,000mg 101.80% 22,900mg
Crude Fat:      
Vegetable oils containing not less than 85% unsaturated fatty
acids 5,670mg 10%  
Calcium, min 4,200mg 7.40% 20,000mg
Calcium, max 5,000mg 8.80%  
Phosphorus 4,200mg 7.40% 14,000mg
Salt, min 1,125mg 1.98% 19-25,000mg
Salt, max 1,418mg 2.48%  
Magnesium 250mg 0.44% 7,500mg
Copper 20mg 353ppm 81.8mg
Selenium 1mg 17.6ppm .8mg
Zinc 280mg 4938ppm 327mg
Iron 250mg 4409ppm 327mg
Manganese 100mg 1764ppm 327mg
Iodine 2mg 35.2ppm .8mg
Cobalt 1mg 17.6ppm .8mg
Vitamins and others:      
Vitamin A 40,000 IU 320,000 IU 14,969 IU
Vitamin D3 5,000 IU 40,000 IU 2,455 IU
Vitamin E 100 IU 800 IU 409 IU
Vitamin B12 40 mcg .32mg NE
Riboflavin 40mg 320mg 17mg
D-Pantothenic acid 100mg 800mg NE
Thiamine mononitrate 20mg 160mg 25mg
Niacin 80mg 640mg NE
Pyridoxine HCl 5mg 40mg NE
D-Biotin 1mg 8mg NE

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