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Tape Worm Tablets

Feline 3 x 23 mg

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Tape Worm Tablets
Feline 3 x 23 mg
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Now available without a prescription! The vet-recommended treatment for removal of tapeworms from cats and kittens.

Now available without a prescription, Praziquantel is 100% effective in ridding your pet of both types of tapeworms. Following ingestion of Praziquantel, the tapeworm loses its ability to attach to the pet's intestines, thus causing the parasite to be digested and eliminated. Safe for adult cats and kittens over 6 weeks of age. Sized for easy oral administration or may be crumbled and mixed with food.

How do cats become infected with tapeworms?
Cats become infected with tapeworms after eating fleas or small rodents (rats, mice) which are infected with tapeworm larvae. Cats can be infested with two types of tapeworms. Fleas carry the most common type, and rodents carry the less common type.

How can I detect if my cat is infected with tapeworms?
Tapeworm infection is one of the most common internal parasite problems actually observed by cat owners. Tapeworm segments are often visible on the surface of your pet's stool. They usually appear as short (1/2-3/4"), flat, white particles, that when first passed are mobile; or they may be passed still connected in a long, flat string. Dry segments may stick to your pet's hair, and look similar to a grain of rice.

Can my cat be effectively treated for tapeworms without a veterinarian's prescription?
Until recently, the only effective control has required a prescription. Praziquantel is now available without a prescription, and is 100% effective in ridding your pet of both types of tapeworms.

Does Praziquantel have any side effects?
Isolated incidents of either salivation or diarrhea have been reported following treatment, but were considered non-significant. If these signs are observed and they persist, consult your veterinarian. Consult your veterinarian before administering tablets to weak or debilitated animals.

What can I do to prevent reinfection of tapeworms? How will I know if my cat becomes reinfected?
Steps should be taken to control fleas and rodents on the premises in order to prevent reinfection. This is especially true in cases of tapeworms transmitted by fleas where reinfection is almost certain to occur if fleas are not removed from the animal and its environment. If reinfection occurs, tapeworm segments may be observed within one month of initial treatment.

Directions of Use
Tape Worm Tabs™ for Cats and Kittens are sized for easy oral administration to either adult cats or kittens. The tablets may be given directly in the mouth or crumbled and mixed with the food. If given with food, mix the tablet(s) with a small amount of the animal's usual ration. If all of the tablet(s) is/are not eaten, Tape Worm Tabs™ may not remove all tapeworms.


4 lbs. & under – ½ tablet
5-11 lbs.– 1 tablet
over 11 lbs. – 1 ½ tablets
Contents: 3 tablets
Each tablet contains 23 mg Praziquantel.

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